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oddybusiness is an international business service related to e-commerce, retail and shopping.


Business Partners Network

The business department of oddyshop supports a specialised network of strictly selected (mainly top) companies, which are doing business in sectors such as:

  • retailers, merchants, wholesalers, distributors, producers or manufacturers, at the fields of food & beverage, fashion & beauty etc
  • restaurants, cafes, catering, food delivery, hospitality facilities (HORECA)

The proper companies could become local, regional or international Business Partners of oddyshop, and/or join our advanced Business Network.

About investors, they could be interested for the oddyshop's Franchise program.


For more information please don't hesitate to contact us.


Business Services

oddyservices (oddybusiness services) is an international online one-stop shop for professional outsourcing services about e-commerce, retail and shopping.


Business News

oddynews is an international online business news magazine related to e-commerce, retail and shopping, events and more.